Costs of living in the Netherlands

Students approximately spend €1000 a month. This amount covers accommodation costs, daily expenses, insurance, meals etc. This estimate does not include tuition fees, immigration fees and unforeseen costs, and should be used as a general indication of the costs of living.

Average living expenses per month:
Accommodation: €500 – €750
Insurance: € 65
Daily expenses (food, drinks, clothes, public transport): € 350

Other (non-recurrent) expenses: Bicycle (second-hand): € 150
Unforeseen expenses (high medical or telephone bill etc.): € 300

The average prices of a number of items:
Cup of tea or coffee in a café: €3.00
Cheese sandwich: €4.00
Beer: €2.50
Meal in a typical student restaurant: €12.50
Cinema ticket €10.50
Hairdresser (cut and blow-dry) €25 – €60