Corrie Hartong Foundation

The Corrie Hartong foundation (also known as 'Dansfonds Corrie Hartong') aims to contribute to the development of dance, specifically by providing financial support to dance students at Codarts.

Corrie Hartong

Corrie Hartong (1906-1991), one of Holland’s dance pioneers, was a passionate dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She initiated professional dance education in the Netherlands and in 1931 founded the Rotterdam Dance Academy. The Corrie Hartong Foundation was founded with money she bequeathed in her will. The fund aims to keep the memory of this remarkable woman alive by contributing to the development of dance, especially by financially supporting dance students at Codarts Rotterdam.


Corrie Hartong Foundation awards scholarships each year to extraordinary talented students at Codarts. A student receives a stipend after the dance management team of Codarts has been consulted.

Financial support

Students who have successfully completed their first year and received their ‘propedeuse’ may also directly apply for financial support from Corrie Hartong Foundation. For example, students might request support for a promising dance project, an extra course, an internship, or continued education abroad. Financial support from the fund always supplements funding from other sources.


Donations to the fund are welcome: account number NL85 INGB 0000 313061 in the name of Stichting Dansfonds Corrie Hartong. Contributions to the fund are used entirely to support dance students.
Corrie Hartong Foundation has been designated as an ANBI for Dutch tax law, that is an institution with charitable status. Therefore donors can deduct gifts from their income or company tax (in accordance with the rules applicable).
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