Codarts Blended Learning

We experience many parts of our lives online, the web is ubiquitous and information is available everywhere. This development invites applications in education that can deepen the learning process. The Codarts lectorate Blended Learning investigates the opportunities this offers in particular for art education, which differs from other education due to its artistic character. In addition, we contribute to the development of blended learning within Codarts: face-to-face education as we know it, supplemented with and strengthened by digital tools and learning materials that fit the different learning styles of the students.

On this page you will find information about the lectorate and the projects we are involved in, such as the Blended Learning Studio (where blended learning material is filmed) and the electronic learning environment (ELO) that is being developed. But we also link you to the project and publications related to Blended Learning that are relevant to both students and lecturers. In addition, we place the recent research results on this site and inform you about training, events and sessions.