Codarts Agency

Codarts Agency is the link between the performers & musicians of Codarts Rotterdam and the outside world. The Agency maintains relationships with cultural partners, stages and festivals and ensures that (international) talents of Codarts perform throughout the country.

Codarts Agency mediates on behalf of Codarts students at concerts and performances and is responsible for maintaining links with external parties. The Agency handles applications that are submitted at least three weeks prior to the event.

For more information, contact Roufaida Aboutaleb from Codarts Agency by mailing to or by filling in the form below.

Aanvraagformulier / application form

  • In overleg met de artiest/ To be discussed with the artist what is needed.
  • The performance is the responsibility of the student. The school will not act as a mediator. The payment of fee and travel costs have to be arranged directly with the student.
  • Attention: By filling in this form the agency applies as principle that cancellation within a reasonable period can be considered with the student(s) involved. Compensation for the student(s) can be required.