Admission procedure

In order to study Classical Music at Codarts you first have to do an audition. This page contains all the information about the entrance procedure.

In order to be admitted to the Classical Music department of Codarts, you have to take an entry examination, which consists of two parts: a theoretical and a practical part.

Step 1: prepare an online portfolio (preselection)

To take part in the auditions in March 2021, you need to hand in a portfolio. Codarts will use this to make a preselection. Our student administration would like to receive one link to your portfolio (public link Dropbox, Google Drive), send the link to

The portfolio consists of:

  1. Video recordings
    These recordings let us hear and see you performing at least 3 pieces in contrasting styles of different composers (at least 3 minutes per fragment).
    * You can put separate links to these video’s in your portfolio; they do not need to be presented in one file.
     ** If you want to make a website, we advise you to make a free one: use or
     *** Please note that we do not accept CDs or DVDs, nor MP3s via email.
  2. Motivation letter (click here).
  3. An overview of the pieces you played in the past 2 years (solo and chamber music).
  4. N.B.: For entry requirements for composition, please click here.

Step 2: register via Studielink (click here)

Step 3: invitation for the audition

The invitation to take the entry examination at Codarts depends on an assessment of your digital portfolio. You will receive an email from our Administration Service Center (ASC) with an invitation or rejection. The dates of the auditions in March will be announced on this page in due course.

Step 4: the audition

The content of the audition reflects the demands of the studies and the professional practice that will follow.

At the audition we will test your talent, knowledge, skills and development possibilities for the study programme you intend to follow. The audition consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Both parts will be tested on the same day. You can find a solfège sample entrance examination here, a theory and solfège sample entrance examination here.

At the audition you will be required to play for the committee (a pianist will be present to accompany you). Check the further instructions for your instrument here.

You are responsible for:

  • Being available on the audition days as mentioned on the website;
  • Your travels to and stay in Rotterdam;
  • Sheet music for the piano accompaniment.

Questions? Please email us at

Step 5: results of the audition

Directly after the audition, you will hear whether you are admissible. The management of the study programme will then decide whether you will be admitted. There is a limited number of places available at Codarts, so this may take some time. You will be notified of their decision via email.