Teachers Circus Arts

Our teachers will be more than just your teacher. They will be your coach and mentor during your study. Our teachers have won their spurs in professional practice and bring their knowledge to the classroom. They will inspire and stimulate you to fully deploy and use your talents. You will find yourself transferring their influences to your projects and performances.

Management Circus Arts
Anna Beentjes

Artistic coordinator / teacher
Jan Daems

Physical preparation
Nikolay Pyasta (trampoline)
Lieke Verheul (ballet and flexibility)
Mark Glover (core stability)
Evgeniya Kalugina (core stability)

Nikolay Pyasta

Floor acrobatics
Nikolay Pyasta
Jacky Dollee
Franklin Luy
Mark Glover

Partner and group  acrobatics
Wybren Wouda
Emil Angelov
Juan Liu (icarian)

Balancing skills
Juan Liu ( handstand, walking globe)
Franklin Luy (handstand)
Wybren Wouda (handstand)

Object manipulation
Gregor Kiock (object manipulation)
Juan Liu (object manipulation and antipode)
Arjan Groenendijk (diabolo)
Dixie Wanner (diabolo)

Evgeniya Kalugina (straps, rope, aerial hoop)
Eva Schubach (duo & static trapeze)

Cyr wheel
Mark Glover

Chinese pole
Mark Glover

Improvisation and composition
Birgit Haberkamp

Thomas Falk
Annemieke Wijers (dance, Laban movement analysis)
Guest teachers*

Andreas Scharfenberg
Gerindo Kamid Kartadinata
Guest teachers*

Lucia Kiel

Circus history
Harm van der Laan

Art orientation
Bas Kortmann 

Rosa Boon 

Safety & rigging
Nikolay Pyasta 

Health & well-being
Tessa Könemann (health & anatomy)
Sandra Buijing (nutritionist)
Hanneke van der Wal (mentor)

Internship coordinator
Thomas Falk

TAP / Thesis
Soesja Pijlman (coordinator)

*Guest teachers
Codarts Circus Arts invites guest teachers through the year. We collaborate both with schools of the Fedec network as well as individual artists.