Participation week

During a participation week you have the possibility to get to know the programme in practice. In the academic year this is possible from November till April. The participation week is meant for pupils from high schools and circus preparatory schools who want to explore the different circus schools and audition requirements. You can apply to follow the classes together with the first year students during an active or a passive participation week. You can apply only by subscribing the fields underneath. Application does not guarantee a participation week. After application you will be contacted by Codarts Circus Arts to see if there is a possibility to agree on a suitable week for both of you.

The participation week is fully booked. The first possibility to participate is in September 2020.


Our policy towards an active or passive participation week:
Admission for an active participation

  • minimum age of 17 years or being a student in the exam year of high school
  • participation means to join all classes during the full week
  • due to safety reasons (technical courses) or to not disturb a work in progress (art- and theory classes), each teacher can decide at any moment whether the candidate shall participate actively or will just observe the class

Admission to a passive participation week:

  • if younger than 17 years or not yet in the final year of highschool
  • each stay shorter than 1 week
  • observation of all technical classes
  • observation of theory and art classes if the teacher agrees

Je gegevens worden alleen gebruikt ten behoeve van de participatieweek. // Your data will only be used for the participation week