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Our auditions for the study year 2022-2023 will take place live. We follow the most recent Covid-19 regulations per country of audition and we will make sure to work according to the safety requirements valid at the moment of the audition. Please check the latest travel advices for the applicable situation per country. Concerning Covid-19 situation in relation to the auditions, please check the website and Q&A regularly for the most recent information.


Registration for the auditions differs per location.

For auditions taking place in Rotterdam and Barcelona: you will have to subscribe via Studielink/Osiris.


  1. To apply for the audition, go to Studielink (, register yourself for the audition in Rotterdam or Barcelona and create an account.
  2. Here you can find information on how to apply for Studielink- APPLY VIA STUDIELINK

After the deadline for registration has been closed, you will receive an email with further information and schedules concerning the audition. This concerns all live auditions.
Here you can find more information about the auditions in Barcelona. More information about the auditions in Rotterdam you can find Here.

For auditions taking place in Porto, Bordeaux and Livorno: you will have to subscribe via our partners.

PORTO – MARCH 19 & 20, 2022 (workshop & audition)

  • Applications have to be made via our partners Cristina Pereira and Vasco Macide, by sending an e-mail to:
  • Apply by March 1, 2022 at the latest
  • There may be costs involved in the audition and workshop
  • Here you can find more information about the auditions in Porto.

BORDEAUX – APRIL 9 & 10, 2022 (workshop & audition)

  • Applications have to be made via our partner Nathalie Gaubert-Calabro by sending an e-mail to: 
  • Here you can find more information about the auditions in Bordeaux. 
  • Apply by April 1, 2022 at the latest
  • There may be costs involved in the audition and workshop

LIVORNO – APRIL 16-18, 2022 (workshop & audition)

  • Applications have to be made via our partner, online on their website:
  • Here you can find more information about the auditions in Livorno. 
  • Apply by April 1, 2022 at the latest
  • There may be costs involved in the auditions and workshop

Non-European countries candidates

For candidates coming from non-European countries, we have a different procedure. You can apply for a pre-selection audition via video. After the pre-selection, you will be informed whether you have to come by for a live final audition. Deadline for the pre-selection video audition is March 1, 2022. Information regarding the online application and audition procedure you can find here:

We are looking forward receiving your audition application!
If you have any questions,  please send an email to

Programme and content of the audition

The audition takes place in two rounds and it differs slightly per location.

Pre selection

The pre selection consists of a short ballet class and a short modern/contemporary dance class, including an improvisation. There will also be a short demonstration of flexibility. After the pre selection round, the audition committee will evaluate and invite selected candidates to join the final selection. 

Final selection

The final selection consists of learning a short Codarts repertoire excerpt, a presentation of your solo (max. two minutes) and a short interview. The interview with each candidate focuses on your communication skills, motivation and personality. After the final selection round, the audition committee evaluates and all candidates will be informed whether they have passed this round of selection.

Final results

Codarts only admits a limited number of students. Candidates who have passed the final selection are admissible. If after the live audition process there are more suitable candidates than available places, the audition committee makes a new definitive selection. Candidates who make it through this last selection can be placed and will receive an enrolment package. Other suitable candidates who cannot be (directly) admitted will be added to a waiting list. Communication goes through your e-mail. If candidates do not respond in time, Codarts reserves the right to offer the place to a candidate on the waiting list.

Final results of selection will be announced maximum mid May 2022.


Audition assessment criteria

The audition committee consists of faculty members of the Codarts BA Dance programme. The committee works according to guidelines concerning the dance technical and artistic aspects of your presentation.

They evaluate the suitability of the candidates by the following criteria:

  • An articulate body and physical potential
  • Talent and potential for development
  • Exhibits feeling for coordination, musicality and the use of space
  • Technical dance skills
  • Exhibits intrinsic feeling for movement and expression in dance
  • Creative potential
  • Artistic qualities
  • Willingness, commitment, openness, honesty, communicative skills and curiosity

Codarts Rotterdam stands for equal treatment and opportunity in every aspect of its relations with its students, faculty, staff, and community in general. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, citizenship, sexual orientation or preference, gender identity, physical or mental disability, medical condition, as well as student admission and treatment in our programs and activities.

Admission is officially not related to age. In general, however, given the intensive physical training during the four-year programme,  we advise applicants in this formative stage of their performance careers that they are not older than 20 years if you audition for the 1st year, 22 years if you audition for the 2nd year.

Dress code audition/clothing advice

  • Tight-fitting clothing – a unitard or tights and tight-fitting top, or leotard that clearly enables the viewer to observe your technique
  • Do not wear skirts or baggy shorts, loose fitting t-shirts or costumes
  • Ballet shoes are obliged for the ballet section


Requirements for enrolment at Codarts*

  • A diploma from your secondary (high) school (vwo, havo, mbo level 4) or a foreign diploma of equivalent level, regardless of subject range or profile, or of a higher level**
  • Passing successfully definitive selection of the audition
  • Payment of the schools tuition fee for that year
  • A valid residential address in the Netherlands before 1st October 2022 (registration with local municipality)
  • Non European candidates must apply for a residence permit
  • The required level of the English language for the bachelor’s programme is a minimum score of IELTS 5,5 or an equivalent TOEFL score***

*   Subject to changes in the law.
**  Students without an upper Secondary Education diploma can only be admitted to Codarts after passing a general education test (AOB).
*** Not required yet for audition, only after acceptance.