Application Choreography

Our next selection process will take place in spring 2020. The initial application procedure will officially begin the end of October 2019 at which point we will begin to respond to applications received via our website.

If you are interested in applying you can make contact by using the form underneath.

Details about admission criteria and submission specifications can be found at the Requirements-page.

Applicants who appear to meet our entrance requirements will be asked to submit a full application to provide more detailed information. Hereafter eligible applicants will be informed if they are
invited to our Wicked Weekend; held in Tilburg in the spring 2020 (Date to be confirmed). This weekend consists of a workshop built around the investigation of a wicked problem on day one and
is designed to provide a taster of the approach and philosophy behind the course in a co-creative setting. On day two interviews will be held with individual students The Wicked Weekend will give us the opportunity to start discussions with prospective students who would be a good match for the programme.

If you have questions first visit the Q&A page. Alternatively come to one of our Open Days and speak directly to one of the Core Team. There is an Open Day in Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts on 23 March 2020 in Tilburg. You can also send an email to and you will receive a personal response.

Admission Master Choreography

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