Admission procedure Master Classical Music

In order to study Classical Music at Codarts you first have to do an audition. This page contains all the information about the entrance procedure. The procedure consists of a preselection and an audition

The duration of the audition is approximately 30 minutes, featuring pieces in different styles on a good Bachelor-exam level.

You take part in a preselection by submitting a portfolio which must include a link to a music recording (with video).

The portfolio has to meet the following requirements:

  • The portfolio contains a letter of motivation explaining why you would like to follow the Master’s degree in Classical Music at Codarts and what your future plans are.
  • The portfolio contains a short biography.
  • The portfolio contains an overview of the works that you have played over the last two years (both solo works and chamber music).

The submitted recording must meet the following requirements:

  • On the videos you can listen to and see your performance of at least 3 works in contrasting styles from different composers.
  • The music videos are at least 3 minutes per video.

After having registered via Studielink you will receive a message from the department about how to submit the recording and portfolio. The material must be submitted no later than 11 February 2019.

After the submitted material has been evaluated, you will be notified before 25 February 2019 whether or not you are invited to audition at Codarts.

Auditions take place in the week of 25-29 March 2019. The exact dates for each instrument are published on this page. A rehearsal pianist will be present. at the audition.

Candidates are themselves responsible for the following:

  • Being available at the audition dates as published on the website.
  • Being able to come to Rotterdam (make sure you have all the required travel documents).
  • Bringing the score of the piano accompaniment for the rehearsal pianist (if applicable).

If you have any questions, send an email to