Kaña Trio wins Grachtenfestival Conservatory Competition 2022

Photo: Wilma Franchimon (President of the Executive Board), Kaña Trio and Hans Leenders (Head of Classical Music)

Kaña Trio, consisting of João Sequei, Hugo Pereira and Rens Rutten, has been declared winner of the Grachtenfestival Conservatory Competition 2022. “The trio’s imploring, almost symbiotic interplay was very impressive. From the enormous colour palette, which ranged from whisper-soft marimba to the most ominous jungle violence”, the jury said. The Kaña Trio will perform during the anniversary edition of the Grachtenfestival 2022 and will go on a theatre tour in the Netherlands in the 2022-2023 season.

Since 2003, the Grachtenfestival Conservatory Competition has been the opportunity for students at Dutch conservatories to present themselves to a large audience.