NSE 2021: Codarts’ results look good!

On Wednesday 23 June, Studiekeuze123 published the results of the National Student Survey (NSE) 2021. The NSE is an annual survey among all students in higher education. And those results look good for Codarts: at the level of Codarts as a whole, we score above the national average for higher professional education (HBO) and above the average for comparable arts training programmes on the so-called core themes and the general satisfaction questions. And that is definitely an improvement compared to the NSE 2018.

Thanks to all the students who participated, and to all the colleagues who ensured not only a great response, but also these results!

Some important scores (the NSE uses a 5-point scale: 1 = very dissatisfied, 2 = dissatisfied, 3 = neutral, 4 = satisfied, 5 = very satisfied):

– the training in general: 4.04
– the atmosphere at your training: 4.40
– would choose this course again: 4.12 (4 = agree, 5 = completely agree)
– the teachers at the program (theme score): 4.17
– involvement and contact (theme score): 4.17
– study counseling (theme score): 4.09
– feel safe to be myself: 4.30
– feel at home with the training: 4.19

Of course there are also subjects about which our students are less satisfied (study schedules = 3.49, flexibility of the study programme = 3.53) and there are differences between programmes.

In the coming period, the results will be fed back to the students. It is then up to the programme management to properly analyze its own results and to take measures for (further) improvement in consultation with the students and other stakeholders.

NSE 2021
The NSE is organized annually by Stichting Studiekeuze123 on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. An adapted questionnaire was used for the NSE 2021. For this reason, comparisons with previous survey years are not possible for all questions. The new questionnaire consists of a fixed core of questions and a so-called ‘flexible shell’ from which institutions could choose question blocks.

Results Study choice123
For an overview of the NSE results (core questionnaire) of Codarts and all other HBO and WO institutions, we refer to the results of the national student survey 2021 on study choice123 (Dutch only).

Wilma Franchimon, president of the Executive Board of Codarts:
“What a fantastic compliment from the students to Codarts. To the teachers, to the staff and to the management! In an incredibly difficult time, we had to shape education differently together, also in consultation with the students themselves. We have tried to support them as much as possible, to pay attention and also to give physical lessons. All this in the safest possible environment, and that has been seen. The commitment of the teachers, the guidance, the atmosphere, all the overall scores are high – I am very proud of it. This is exactly what we do it for. Creating the most optimal learning environment for students, even in very difficult times. We will, of course, address the issues that arise. But for now thanks to our students, who indicate that they have seen and felt all the effort. Let’s enjoy together!”