Self-management within Codarts

Teacher, artistic coach, internship coordinator and shows and events director Thomas Falk tells you about self-management within Codarts.

‘Self-management is about researching and challenging yourself’

Thomas Falk
Works for the Circus department as dance teacher, artistic coach, internship coordinator, shows and events director.
Has been with Codarts since 2011

 “I started 9 years ago at Codarts as a guest teacher for the Circus department and along the way I got more and more involved in the department. Besides my work for Codarts I am active as dramaturge for dance and circus. My experience and contacts in the field are very useful to shape and realize my vision for the Codarts Circus department. In my career I’ve always worked with people who gave me a lot of freedom and space for my own initiative, it was never top-to-bottom, but always co-creation. That is not different here at Codarts, everybody in our team has the space to give input. This works good because everyone is enthusiastic and full of ideas, that is what I like, it is very inspiring.

Self-management is about researching and challenging yourself. We encourage our students to keep asking themselves questions, and always remain critical. We guide them in the search to their own identity and help them to make the right choices. We coach our students to become independent creators and performers. We don’t create a performance for them, but we guide them in making their own creations. I always teach my students to explore how to go beyond what is being asked, without losing sight of your own identity.

For me Codarts is a special place, because we give students the opportunity to develop themselves. We provide the space and the resources to make their dreams come true and to become the best version of themselves. Codarts helps young artists to become a performer/creator who adds real value to the society. Art education creates the foundation for cultural life in a country, and at Codarts you are at the top of art education. I enjoy being part of this and to contribute in this way to the cultural society.”