Diversity within Codarts

Teacher, artistic director and researcher Arlon Luijten tells you about diversity within his job at Codarts.

‘Diversity is part of my daily life’

Arlon Luijten
Works as teacher, artistic director and researcher (for the Music Theatre department, cross-over projects and dual degree programme RASL).
Has been with Codarts since 2005.

 “There is no real job description for what I do at Codarts. It’s definitely diverse and interdisciplinary, just like the school itself. Diversity is part of my daily life. In my work as a teacher, artistic director and researcher I’m always combining multiple disciplines. Not only art disciplines like music, dance, opera and film, but I also like to make the connection with society, entrepreneurs and science.

A great example of a diverse project at Codarts is Incubator. I am the artistic director of this special project week. We invite students to send in proposals with their wildest ideas. They can choose a location anywhere in the city or outside, choose the art disciplines they want to work with and their coach. To give you an idea: last year we had about fifty different locations and over five hundred students participating. It’s huge!

We had some great proposals. Like this violin student who used to practice synchronised swimming when she was younger and now chose a swimming pool to create a performance. We help the students with the concept and it’s gives them the opportunity to go beyond their own discipline. Last academic year we had to cancel Incubator because of Covid-19. That’s why we are now teaching something new: the scalability and flexibility of a project. Can you do it online and offline? Can you easily perform it in a small setting as well as a bigger one? That is the new reality in our cultural sector.

This is also part of my work as a director of my city lab ‘Little Wotan’. I make multidisciplinary projects in co-creation with others. My work is a combination of art, opera, serious gaming and community arts. I bring back to Codarts what I do there and the other way around. As a researcher I’m also part of RASL (Rotterdam Arts & Science Lab). This is a unique combined study programme of Codarts, Erasmus University and the Willem de Kooning academy. RASL- students learn a combination of art, science and academic research. Currently I’m investigating the integration of games in classical music concerts, where the audience has a significant role in it. It’s exciting to collaborate with so many talents!”