Sustainability within Codarts

Pilates teacher Ricardo Araújo tells you about sustainability within Codarts.

‘A strong core is essential’

Ricardo Araujo pilates teacher at Codarts
Ricardo Araújo
Pilates teacher (Dance department)
Has been with Codarts since 2013

“Pilates is part of the curriculum of the second and fourth year of the Dance in Education programme and the second year of the Dance Performer programme. Besides the dance students I teach dance teachers. And in the second semester of this academic year, at the initiative of the Student Life department, I will also teach Jazz, Pop and World Music students. Exiting!

All Codarts teachers and staff have been able to sign up for Pilates classes since last academic  year. Now I teach an advanced class on Tuesday, a beginners class on Thursday from 8:15 till 9:00, and on Thursday also a beginners class from 12:15 till 13:00. These classes can be followed live via Zoom.

With Pilates, you work on a sustainable body. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how strong, everyone can do something with it. Every day.

Pilates helps you to return your muscles to their optimal state . The exercises elongate shortened muscles, retract overextended muscles, and restore the body’s posture and positioning to a balanced state.

Posture is also improved because of Pilates’ focus on strengthening the powerhouse, or core muscles, namely those of the abdomen, shoulder girdle, back, hips, and buttocks. A strong core is essential for proper posture and trunk and shoulder stabilization.

Because Pilates exercises are typically performed lying down, static muscle contractions that hinder circulation are avoided. The overall result is a vigorous flow of oxygenated blood that repairs muscles and flushes out accumulated waste products, while it revitalizes and restores.

I enjoy working at Codarts. The atmosphere is very nice. The university has students of about 65 nationalities, and also teachers and staff come from all over. That makes me – born in Brazil – feel very welcome.”