Inquisitiveness within Codarts

Professor Janine Stubbe tells you about inquisitiveness within Codarts.

‘Curiosity is the driving force of my work’

Janine Stubbe
Professor and movement scientist (department Performing Arts Medicine)
Has been with Codarts since 2014

“Physical and mental health is extremely important for our students who depend on their bodies to dance, play music or perform circus acts. How can we improve their health? What do they need? How do we prevent injuries? These are just a few questions that are part of our research programme to monitor and optimize the health of over 500 students.

Together with my team of the professorship Performing Arts Medicine and employees of the Codarts Performing Health Centre we have created a unique online tool: the Performing artist and Athlete Health Monitor (PAHM). With this extensive monitoring system we collect information about the health status of our students. They fill in a monthly questionnaire about how they feel, if they have injuries or are doing fine. Besides, we screen them twice a year to measure their physical health. Based on the outcome we give them tailor-made advice, for example about nutrition or we send them to the physiotherapist if they need specific exercises.

Because we have been collecting data since 2015, we have a very accurate database. The results give us insight in our study programme, which enables the teachers to adjust the curriculum, if needed. For instance, when we saw a peak of fatigue just after the study year started, the schedule was changed. The next year students could keep up easier with fewer injuries. The PAHM-tool is unique in the world and several companies are using it. Such as Scapino Ballet, the Dutch National Ballet and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, but also the Feyenoord Academy. Which is great! This is very rewarding about my work: we translate our research data directly into the field. Inquisitiveness, one of Codarts’ core values, is the very basis of my job as a researcher. I’m always curious about the results and how to improve. And the atmosphere at Codarts is just like Rotterdam itself: open, international and no-nonsense.”