Craftsmanship within Codarts

Latin percussion teacher Nils Fischer tells you about craftsmanship in his work at Codarts

‘Craftsmanship is essential’

Nils Fischer
Percussion teacher, specialization Latin (World Music department)
Has been with Codarts since 2000

“Together with the Pop and Jazz departments the World Music department is located in the World Music & Dance Centre, WMDC, in Delfshaven. There I teach on Mondays and Tuesdays. In addition, as a section representative for the specialization Latin, I am coordinating the lessons and our numerous ensembles, along with the rest of the team. And together with a few colleagues, I am the contact person for students, teachers, and management.

The last months of the previous academic year we all taught via Zoom, now we have ‘real’ lessons again, with due observance of all regulations of course. I am very happy about that, because Latin percussion is something you learn mainly by playing together.

Music has to sound good, period. Together with joy, creativity, passion and an open artistic mind, craftsmanship is crucial.  How do you achieve all that? At least a few years of your life you must have some sort of obsession, go crazy. When you want to get the tools that enable you to live successfully as an artist, you have to work a lot on your craftsmanship. Codarts contributes to this. As a student, in the WMDC you meet dozens of fellow students who want and do exactly the same as you. That stimulates you to keep going.

A teacher used to be a person who provided you with all the knowledge, but in this time he/she guides you with his/her craftsmanship and experience. As a musician, I learn all the time, from performing and colleagues, and also from teaching! Way back when, my masters were musicians such as Jerry Gonzalez, John Santos, Giovanni Hidalgo and Armando Peraza. How do I feel about working at Codarts? I have the best job I can imagine! Being a percussion teacher at Codarts is a dream come true. I love to share my craftsmanship and experience with my students.”