Connectivity within Codarts

Crossover producer Christine Cornwell tells you about connectivity within Codarts.

‘Connectivity is basically my practice’

Christine Cornwell
Producer of crossover projects
Has been with Codarts since 2019
Started working during her master Classical Composition at Codarts

“Codarts has 3 main buildings with different disciplines, spread throughout the city of Rotterdam. There are so many departments at Codarts, from Music to Performing Arts, and within the departments there are different methods, cultures, personalities and histories. As a producer of crossover projects it is my task to support, organise, and connect different projects within the curriculum of all study programmes at Codarts. Connectivity is basically my practice and also the central role of a producer. I try to listen to what is needed in the different departments and explore the possibilities to create an interdisciplinary project. I often interact and engage with coordinators, teachers and students from all departments. It is quite a fun challenge to connect with these different departments.

Productions here are ambitious, inspiring and there is always a lot of creativity going on. The coolest thing is when students take the lead in a project. We encourage students to come up with their own crossover ideas and we create the space and a network for them to realize these projects. Being able to support an artistic vision is energising, especially when everything really comes together.

At Codarts there are always so many things going on, it is a really diverse and creative environment. During different projects I got to know many people and feel part of the Codarts community. It is a supportive and encouraging environment, and provides resources you need to make your work more professional.”