Codarts Pop Zoom

An online mini showcase for Pop students, organized via a Zoom-meeting

Last week, the second edition of Pop Zoom took place! An online mini showcase, organized by entrepreneurship teacher Ewout van der Linden, for Pop students of Codarts. In this way, the students were able to (virtually) meet some people from the field of music promotion, to ask questions and to show them their work.

Jessica de Wal, from PR agency ‘It’s all happening’, was present to answer questions about promotion through classical media, like blogs, magazines, newspapers, storytelling, and word-of-mouth. She noticed that the media landscape changed a bit during this corona crisis: ‘advertisers ran away, and media are now forced to ask money to write about artists, instead of doing it for free. So, it is not an easy time for artists at this moment, especially not for starters.’

Mart van den Bighelaar, owner of label Blaizer and expert in the field of playlist promotion on Spotify, was present as well. He sees 2 different trends during this corona period, some musicians postpone the release of their new single, because they cannot go all the way in promoting their new music, but some choose explicitly to release their music now, because they miss the connection with their audience. Mart gave the students some practical advices about how to release their music on Spotify, especially regarding Spotify playlists: ‘try to find independent playlists with comparable artists in there and try to connect with the playlist owner via Facebook or Instagram. It cost a lot of time, so it is important to build a network here. Besides, try to define your style in a clear way, the clearer your music style is, the easier it is to become part of such a playlist.’

Other attendees from the field of music promotion were Job Smit, label owner and music promoter at Mattan Records, and Mike Warrink, who worked 4 years for Popronde and started his own company in the field of artist management. They gave many great advices about how to approach coordinators from Popronde and how to make your song radio proof. And above all, they gave their most honest opinions about the music from the students.

All in all, it was a successful Pop Zoom, where the students were able to expand their network and learned a lot. On the next edition!

Codarts Pop zoom 2020