Codarts completely smoke-free per 1 August


As per 1 August 2020, all Codarts locations will be completely smoke-free. From that date on, the new Law on Tobacco and Smoking Products comes into effect. Smoking will then be banned from all our buildings and the areas around the buildings (including entrances and exits). This includes, for example, the balcony at the location Kruisplein and the square at WMDC. The smoking ban also applies to the use of e-cigarettes. All smoking facilities in and around our buildings have been or will be removed.

Obviously, smoking is and remains an individual responsibility. However, as Codarts cares about the health of its students and employees we like to offer them a good and healthy learning and working environment. We therefore want to prevent non-smokers being inconvenienced by other people smoking and that young people see others smoke and may be encouraged to do likewise (‘smoking is contagious’). Many young people start smoking when they begin their studies. At educational institutes, therefore at Codarts too, teachers and employees must set an example. We hope and trust that everyone will cooperate.

A smoke-free generation
The movement ‘Towards a Smoke-free Generation’, an initiative of the Hartstichting, KWF Kankerbestrijding and the Longfonds (the Heart Foundation, KWF Cancer Prevention and the Lung Fund), aims at making sure that children are protected against tobacco smoke and are not tempted to start smoking.
The national government – together with more than 70 organisations, united in the National Prevention Agreement – has set a goal of having a smoke-free generation in 2040. This means that then no children at all start smoking. The agreement also strives towards bringing the number of smoking adults down from 23 percent to 5 percent at the most.

How to quit smoking
There are various kinds of effective help available for those who wish to quit smoking, such as individual sessions with a quit-smoking coach or a primary care assistant practitioner, coaching via telephone, group trainings, support apps, nicotine replacement products or medication prescribed by a general practitioner. For a list of support options in quitting smoking, visit the (Dutch) websites and or read the (Dutch) brochure Wat je zou moeten weten over stoppen met roken (‘What you should know about quitting smoking’). Starting this year, health insurance companies no longer apply the deductible excess for primary care programmes for quitting smoking. These programmes are fully covered by the basic health insurance.

For all those who are going to quit: keep it up! We wish you strength and success!