Pop alumna and Codarts teacher Annika Boxhoorn opens up music studio

Annika’s Music Experience, AME, is a music lessons studio for the young musical mind. The studio is located in the Coolhaven Collective building, where different art forms come together, like dance, fashion, music and much more. Read the interview with Annika below!

Alumna Annika Boxhoorn
Which study programme did you follow at Codarts?
Pop vocals
When did you graduate?

At this moment you are also working for Codarts, how did you end up here again?

I have been working for Codarts for 3,5 years now. The Pop department asked me to come and work as Music Education teacher. I teach the education course to third-year Pop and Jazz students, to show them around in the field of teaching, and I am involved in the minors, which students can choose to really become a certified music teacher. Besides, I am working for this interesting collaboration between Codarts and the Thomas More university, where I teach band coaching lessons to pabo students specialised in music.

My aim is to make the students realise that they can have a successful career in Music Education, besides a career as an artist. Maybe it is not the big dream of most students, but 90% will end up teaching to have a stable income.

Do you see big differences between the Pop department now, and when you were studying there back in the days?

When I was studying at Codarts, the department was still very young and located in a different building, the Waterfront. For me it was really a rock & roll period, the atmosphere was awesome. I went to school there, but I could also rehearse there and go to the bar and concerts at the same location. Everything is more structured now, but that is not a bad thing. The Pop department has grown incredibly, but I still see the same teachers as then, with a lot of expertise. As far as I’m concerned, they are still learning from the best teachers in the Netherlands over here!

Besides teaching at Codarts, you’ve always had another dream…

Yes, I really enjoy my work at Codarts, but it will never be my own place where I can determine the direction. That’s why I started my own music studio AME, in the Coolhaven Collective building in Rotterdam. In my life I always missed some kind of home base for the young musical mind, so I want to provide that with AME. My goal is to connect the people who make music, with the people who facilitate the music. It must evolve into a place where people from different disciplines come together. You can come here to rehearse, record things, and follow lessons in the area of songwriting, vocals, music theory, playing together with a band, voice problems and much more. I gathered a lot of good equipment during the years, so recording demos is also a possibility.

Do you have some career tips for Codarts students?

Make sure to open up yourself and show yourself a lot. On the most bizarre nights, I’ve met the most interesting people. Go to jam sessions and talk to people, never underestimate the person you are talking with. Regarding Music Education I would like to say: it can be scary, or it might not fit in your ideal world, but it will make you a better musician. I think teaching is the most fun thing to do! And if students are searching for advice or an internship, they are always welcome!

For more information, check out: https://www.amerotterdam.nl/