Stay at home challenge: student Dance Teacher Anneloes van Schuppen

Who: Anneloes van Schuppen (27)
Study Programme: Dance in Education (third year)
Lives in: Utrecht

You have a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, but you are attracted to dance as a profession. Do tell!
‘My studies at Utrecht University were quite broad; I could take subjects at almost all the faculties. The aim was to learn to think and work interdisciplinary. I specialised in religious studies, communication, and philosophy. Still, I always thought: why not do something with dance? Dance is my passion. I was already giving workshops and dance classes while I was studying, but I had doubts whether I was good enough for the audition.’

Why did you choose Dance in Education at Codarts?
‘After my Bachelor’s I took a gap year, working in restaurants and bars and travelling through South America. After that, I began my Master’s but I soon realised that the scientific world was too theoretical for me. I wanted to be out there in society and work in practice. So I quit and just rushed off and auditioned. I was 24, and they accepted me!’

Anneloes at PERA in Cyprus.

Because of your previous study, your age and experience, you are eligible for exemptions, in consultation with the Examination Board. How do you get the most from the study programme?
‘I have set myself a clear goal: I want to work in community arts and gain a lot of practical experience. An HBO study is perfect for that, with its many internships. From the second year on we made an individual study trajectory. Dance has been my hobby all my life, but I felt I needed more physical dance training to become not just a teacher but also a good dancer. So, I went to the PERA School of Performing Arts in Cyprus for six months.  It turned out to be the ideal place for me. Nothing but dancing, all day long. I returned in February, well-trained, but pretty soon Corona changed everything.’

What are your days like at the moment?
‘Now that I no longer have to go to Rotterdam by train, I have more time for sports. Power training, yoga, exercising at the barre, and so on. In the morning there are dance classes via Zoom. In the afternoon we do theory and also teach each other as a class, for example in tap dancing. Soon my internship with a primary school just around the corner here will start. I’ll be teaching the children outside, in the playground. And starting next July, I’ll be doing an internship with the Rotterdam Wijktheater, where I’ll be making my own production: creating the concept, finding performers, making a choreography, and directing the whole thing. Bringing together people from various backgrounds in society and tell stories through dance is something I’m really looking forward to!’

For what goals do you want to use dance?
‘Dance as a means to have better connections with myself and others, to get to know and understand each other better. I prefer to work with various target groups. For example, I’ll be doing an internship with Cardiac Output, a company for dancers with a mental impediment and professional dancers. I also teach at the ReDiscoverMe Foundation: dance classes for people who have a chronic disease, such as MS or Parkinson’s (and for healthy people). I sometimes do a dance workshop in centres for asylum seekers in Utrecht and I will be teaching at DansinSchool. I have high hopes for the future: I’m convinced that this 1.5-metre society won’t last forever. Until then, we’ll keep on dancing in the space we do have.’