Student Life: tips for nutrition and muscle mass

Nutrition & Muscle Mass
We hear and read from many students that they are exercising every day through walking, running, cycling and fitness workouts. Excellent! This is the most important thing you can do to maintain muscle mass. And those of you who’ll keep this up will return fitter to school as soon as the lessons start again.

Nutrition can also help to maintain your muscle mass. Two factors are especially important here, namely:
1. not to eat too little and
2. to continue to eat enough protein.
Protein-rich products are: chicken, meat, fish, milk, soy drink, (soy) yoghurt, cottage cheese, eggs, cheese, legumes, nuts, tofu and tempeh. Whole grains and dark green vegetables also contain -smaller amounts- of protein. Add a protein-rich product to every meal.

Need help or advice?
Do you need help finding balance? Do you have questions about nutrition? Schedule an appointment with our sports dietitian Sandra Buijing. Via the Online Afspraken tool you can see her availability and make an appointment. The consultations will take place via video calling. Sandra will contact you prior to the appointment to exchange phone numbers.