Student Life: tips for nutrition and balance

Nutrition & Balance
Dance and circus students in particular will exercise much less than usual during the Corona crisis. This means that the body burns less energy and therefore it is logical that you eat less during this period. Keep eating healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tip: watch out that you do not eat too many Easter eggs and other candies or snacks. It will help you if you simply do not buy these products. Because after all, you cannot eat what you do not have at home. By eating enough during your three main meals you will have less need for treats in between meals. Also be careful not to start eating out of boredom. Make yourself a list of fun activities that you can do during those moments that you are bored out of your mind!

Need help or advice?
Do you need help finding balance? Do you have questions about nutrition? Schedule an appointment with our sports dietitian Sandra Buijing. Via the Online Afspraken tool you can see her availability and make an appointment. The consultations will take place via video calling. Sandra will contact you prior to the appointment to exchange phone numbers.