Teacher in times of corona: Ewout van der Linden

Who: Ewout van der Linden, entrepreneur and teacher
Subject: Entrepreneurship (Release Coaching), Music departments
Lives in: Amsterdam

You teach marketing and entrepreneurship to music students. Can you do that easily with zooming?
‘It works fine and participation is high, although sometimes you have to put a little more effort into keeping everyone involved. I asked questions via the chat function or organise a little quiz. With Zoom, lessons take longer whereas conversations and meetings are much more to the point. I miss real-life teaching, though. And when I saw caretaker Hendrick walking through the empty school building on Codarts TV, I was a little moved.’

What can musicians learn from these times?
‘What strikes me is how they deal with the situation reasonably well. For instance, on Facebook I saw a very good collective performance by the Valvetronic Brass band, with former students. They had immediately taken action and put this online. Therefore, my tip is to start experimenting, especially now. Ask small fees for your online performances. You can use websites such as ‘Petje af’ or ‘Buy me a coffee’ to do that. At the same time, you’ll be creating your own fan base. Just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Or send an open tikkie! Just subscribing to each other’s YouTube channel may be well intended, but in the end it doesn’t generate income.’

What are your own plans concerning teaching?
‘My goal is still to bring as many Codarts students as possible into contact with the music practice. It’s relatively simple now to organise a meeting with the label online, via Zoom breakout rooms. It works almost better than arranging a physical meeting, like before. I will continue to use Zoom for short theory lessons after this crisis is over; it’s quite effective. But I can’t wait to go back to Rotterdam!’