Stay at home challenge: HMD music student Fleur

A Musician in Times of Corona

Name (age): Fleur Bonnewits (17)
Study (main subject): Havo/vwo voor Muziek en Dans (voice)
Class: 5 VWO
Lives in: Berkel en Rodenrijs
Is currently in: Berkel en Rodenrijs

Who else are at home with you?
“My parents, my little brother, and my friend. Last week I was at her place in Heeze, Noord-Brabant. She is in 5 HAVO Dans. My sister is with her boyfriend, on a farm somewhere in Zeeland.”

What does your day look like now?
“Today was rather busy. This morning we had a solfège test, online. It took almost two hours, as we constantly lost the connection, ha ha. This situation is new for everyone, so it takes some adjusting. After that I did an online workout for dancers, together with my friend, my mother, and my little brother. And then it was time for the online math class. That’s new too, so it takes some getting used to. The idea is that we will be taking all AVO classes online. If there are no classes, I play a game, work on my music, and do schoolwork.”

Do you miss school?
“Yeah, absolutely. But then I miss everything from normal life. Being free to do as you feel like. It makes you realise very well what you had before. I really find it annoying that we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Are you in touch with your fellow students?
“Yeah, like always, on WhatsApp and social media. There are 13 students in my class.”

Are you in contact with any of the teachers?
“We have a regular group app with the AVO subject teachers anyway. And I can email the other teachers if I need to.”

What else do you do for school at home?
“The AVO teachers upload the week tasks to Magister. For Dutch we have to make assignments and send them in. For everything else they appeal to our own sense of responsibility. I do my singing practice at the piano and I work a lot on my own music; writing songs. With my three-piece band Left in Suspense we recently recorded four songs. These are now being mixed and mastered. They should be available on all streaming platforms in May. We intend to release the first song in April, together with the video clip we made for it. We had a number of gigs lined up, but everything has been cancelled. Bummer. In June we were supposed to do a mini tour to promote the CD, but I’m afraid that will also be cancelled. Well, fortunately the Internet provides many opportunities.”

Is there a positive side to this situation for you?
“Eh… that’s a tough one. I do have a lot of time to relax now. And for writing music. Usually I’m too busy with school and my band for any of that. It’s difficult to start new projects, though, because that involves going out and meeting people. Which is out of the question at the moment.”

What is your biggest wish right now?
“I just hope that things get back the way they were really quick. Well… If you would have asked me this a couple of months ago, I’d have given a completely different answer…”

Photos: Joyce van Doorn.