Stay at home challenge: alumna Manouk

Dancer, teacher, and former student of Codarts’ Bachelor Dance Teacher Manouk Schrauwen and her partner, choreographer Jordy Dik (also former student of Codarts), are not the stay-at-home types. But now they have little choice and so what can you do? Make a dance video in one day!

Who: Manouk Schrauwens and Jordy Dik
What: a dance video
Home Tip: make a schedule with a day planning, and do exercises.

How did the idea for the dance video come up?
After all the heavy news we wanted to do something with the theme ‘connection’. My friend Jordy works a lot in community arts, and we happened to see a video on Facebook by Mitchell Rose: Exquisite Corps. In it, one dancer continues from the last movement by the previous dancer. So beautiful! You can do this at home, so we thought: let’s do it!

How did you go about it?
We started first thing Monday morning. Our mission was to finish it in one day. Yeah, we like a challenge! We mailed our request to friends and dancers we knew: make a video of no more than five seconds. The conditions were: it has to be home-recorded and start where the last movement of the previous participant ended. Usually it would take weeks to get something like this off the ground, but now we immediately received many responses!

Which video do you like most?
I think they’re all special. You suddenly see someone in their home or garden, which is so personal and also makes it quite vulnerable. Like the mother dancing with her little girl in their kitchen. They said it was the highlight of their day. It was striking how some people were quite perfectionistic while others just did a quick video.

How did you manage to finish it so quickly?
I like editing very much. I’ve been doing it ever since my student days at Codarts and I still do it now for some of my work-related projects. I spent the whole day on my laptop while Jordy was organising the videos and answering mails. It felt really good to be working on a fun thing after all the bad news.

How are you dealing with the new situation?
Starting last Thursday, all our work has been cancelled. I was working on a production for the Sally Dance Company in Maastricht and Jordy too was preparing a big project. We felt a little sad and Saturday we were really down. But then you realise: this is what it is. So, we changed gear and on Monday we posted the video. It was immediately shared like crazy! 

Click here to watch the video of Manouk and Jordy