Student Life Monitor Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary!

The Student Life Monitor (SLM) celebrates its fifth anniversary! The SLM is the online monitoring tool developed by Student Life in collaboration with the Performing Arts Medicine (PAM) professorship. This tool is actively used by 300 Codarts students to monitor and improve their own physical and mental wellbeing.

The SLM consists of an extensive sports-medical and physiotherapy screening, half-yearly physical tests and monthly questionnaires. All first, second and third year students of Performing Dance, Dance Teacher, Circus Arts and Music Theatre participate in the monitor. In addition, a start was made last year on monitoring the first-year classical music students.

Since the introduction of the SLM in 2014, the tool has continually been developed with the help of Codarts students and the Performing Arts Health Team.

Several changes that have been made:

  • the SLM has become part of the education at Codarts;
  • from questionnaires on paper to online questionnaires;
  • from completing the questionnaire in the students’ free time to filling in the questionnaire during regular classes;
  • from a focus merely on physical health to a focus on both physical and mental health;
  • from participating in the SLM without any feedback to getting (partly) personal feedback on the SLM website after every measurement.

These changes have contributed to a huge increase in the number of students that complete the SLM on a regular basis. During the academic year 2014-2015 only 37% of the students completed the monthly questionnaire regularly. In 2018-2019 a whopping 92% participated in the SLM. A fantastic result.

With the SLM, students at Codarts gain a better understanding of their physical and mental health and their own development. In addition, the SLM provides information that helps Codarts improve and optimise the education and student support programmes.

Furthermore, the data from the SLM is used for scientific research, with which Codarts makes an important international contribution to research into the health of performing artists. Five scientific articles have already been published in international journals and many more will follow!

On Sunday, October 27, professor Janine Stubbe (professorship Performing Arts Medicine) from Codarts gave a presentation on the occasion of 5 years Student Life Monitor at the renowned international conference of IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine & Science) in Montreal, Canada.

Text: Renske Kok and Annemiek Tiemens
Photos: Sacha Grootjans