Opening Codarts college year 19-20

“It takes a village to raise a child”, as the saying goes. The same is true for the development of professional talent within the performing arts. Music, dance, circus arts, and art education are professions that ask a lot, physically and mentally. One has to take appropriate steps to prevent performance-related injuries and to enhance training and performance. It “takes a village” to create a nurturing environment with the highest potential for success. Here at Codarts, we are that village for students and their talent.

One of our 7 aims in our mission statement is sustainability. Codarts offers its talented students with every opportunity to acquire the right knowledge, skills and tools to shape their personal development and to maximise their potential.

During the opening of the college year 2019-2020 on Monday 9 September in Theater Rotterdam (Schouwburg) Codarts will present her vision. With music, dance and circus performances and a keynote by prof. Witte Hoogendijk.

Prof. Witte Hoogendijk, MD, PhD, (1960) is Head of Department of Psychiatry at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and Professor of Psychiatry. He was also Chairman of the Professional Interest Committee of the Dutch Association for Psychiatry and member of the National Research Council committee on the proper use of medication. In 2017, together with Volkskrant journalist Wilma de Rek, he published the book From big bang to burnout, which describes the impact of stress on our lives.

“In the billions of years it took evolution to make it from a single-celled organism to a human being, a first-rate stress response has been developed when it comes to concrete or immediatestressors, such as hungry lions or branches falling from trees. But in our present age, that of the digital revolution, these stressors are no longer immediate or concrete, but more often abstractand chronic. We already mentioned the cellphone, which is always switched on and sends one stimulus after another. Also consider performance pressure. Or the daily hassle on the streets.” – From big bang to burnout. The big history about stress. Authors: Witte Hoogendijk and Wilma de Rek. Uitgeverij Balans

17.00 Pop band Carmen Forbes
17.10 President of the board W. Franchimon
17.30 Dance ‘BOYS’
17.40 Keynote W. Hoogendijk
18.00 Circus Julia Gut
18.10 Reception