Meet our students: Sam

Sam_Meet_the_StudentsWho? Sam Ouwehand (21)
From? Delft, the Netherlands
Studies? Creative producer (Pop)
Year? Second
What? Will be at the USC Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles with fellow student and band member Danique van der Vlugt for four months next year

Four months in Los Angeles, do tell!
“We are going to LA as part of an exchange. Wessel Coppes, head of the Pop department, arranged that for us. Danique – she is a third-year vocal student and together we form the indie electronic duo KUZKO – had mentioned that she would really like to go to LA. When Wessel told her that this was possible, and that there were even two places available, she suggested I should come too.
LA is currently the capital of pop music. The music scene is so big there! Post Malone is LA-based, Max Martin – the greatest songwriter in the world – is there now and all the music videos are shot there. So it’s a great city to go to as a pop duo. Of course we will go there in the first place as individual students. We will be at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music for one semester, from 20 August to 20 December. But we will also have a lot of time to focus on our music. And to do some networking. All super chill!”

Do you already have any idea of what you’d like to be doing ‘later’?
“Certainly. When I’m finished here, I want to have a band to work with; I want to make KUZKO a success, a good independent band. By that time I would also like to have a studio and/or rehearsal space. And I would like to work for others as a producer, but that’s not my focus right now.”

What have been your KUZKO highlights so far?
“Winning the final of the national music competition Art Rocks 2018, early this year, and releasing our first single, White Vans in May. We have been doing this for a year and a half now. When we play live, there are six of us, by the way. Danique sings, I sing and play synths, and we are accompanied by four top musicians on drums, keyboards, bass and percussion.”

What is your favourite spot in Rotterdam?
“This building, the WMDC, which houses the Pop, Jazz and World Music departments. Every time I come in here, I really feel like going at it. This is a place of creativity and productivity. With very nice people, who also happen to look beautiful. When you’ ve booked a space here, you can hit it for four or five hours in a row!”

Codarts to me is…
“… a place that inspires and motivates me to work better and harder than I could ever have imagined.”