Meet our students: Iris

Ontmoet_Onze_Studenten_Iris_MuziektheaterWho? Iris Bakker (20)
From? Nieuw-Vennep, the Netherlands
Studies? Music Theatre
Year? Third
What? Performs in Show & Tell at the old Luxor Theatre (R’dam; 26 and 27 June) and De Meervaart (A’dam; 29 June)

Show & Tell… Do tell!
Show & Tell is a production made by the third- and fourth-year students of Music Theatre every year, and first- and second-year students also participate. Us third-years take part in all the acts, but the spotlight is really on the fourth-year students. The show’s director, Anouk Beugels, asked us to contribute ideas and material. We did, and we discussed everything and then we made a very long list. We could all submit our Top 5 of acts we would like to take part in.
I myself am for sure in the opera that alumnus Job Greuter wrote for us – I play the conductor! Job saw me play a conductor in my own integration concert, in early December. This is going to be epic!
This year for the first time, Show & Tell will be performed at De Meervaart in Amsterdam. That performance will be like a home game for me, as most of my family will be in the audience there.”

How did you end up at Codarts?
“By coincidence, really. Since I was 10, I’ve been in amateur musicals and in bands, but for a long time I thought I would go and study Management or something like that.
I first heard the name Codarts mentioned by friends of mine who were going to the introduction days. They were really enthusiastic and they went up for audition for the Vooropleiding Muziektheater. So, I also signed up… I was accepted ad did that preparatory course for two years – besides doing the fifth and sixth year VWO.
Especially after having seen the musical Spring Awakening, performed by the then third- and fourth-year students, I did whatever it took to get accepted into the Bachelor programme. That show was so good, that I knew right away that this was the school for me!”

Do you already have any idea of what you’d like to be doing ‘later’?
 “Funnily enough, that changes just about every year. The same goes for my classmates, by the way. We get so many subjects and the professional field is constantly changing. I keep discovering new or other things all the time. Last year, I thought I wanted to make my own productions, meanwhile I successfully auditioned for two internships for a part in a big musical: Fun Home, which will be staged for two weeks at International Theatre Amsterdam (formerly Stadsschouwburg) and Pijnstillers, which will be performed 70 times in theatres al over the Netherlands, starting in October.
I did have doubts about whether to do these internships, though, as I find the classes here at Codarts so very valuable and instructive. On the other hand, internships can also teach you a lot. I’ll experience what it’s like to do a show many times.”

What is your favourite spot in Rotterdam?
“I think the Vroesenpark, in Rotterdam-Noord. I live only two minutes away from there. I cherish the many moments I spend there with my fellow students of Music Theatre. For a barbecue, for instance. We often go there, sometimes until the early hours of the morning. Our department isn’t very big, we all know each other by name and we organise a lot of things together. Most of my time I spend here at school, though, ha ha.”

Codarts to me is…
“… perhaps simply ‘moving’. I feel that Codarts is constantly on the move, always concerned with the work field and with guest teachers, to make an up-to-date and varied curriculum for us students. During my first year I had 17 subjects. Wow, I kept thinking, I’m learning so much here.”

Ontmoet_Onze_Studenten_Iris_Muziektheater Codarts_Open_Dag_Muziektheater