Meet our students: Isaiah

Isaiah_Ontmoet_Onze_StudentenWho? Isaiah Wilson (21)
From? Bissen, Luxemburg
Studies? Dance
Year? Third
What? Was one of the third-year students who danced the Talent On The Move production at the 15th edition of Dance Fest in Skopje (Macedonia) on 9 April this year.

The programme you performed in Skopje included a new piece.
“Yes, that was Sketches by Adrijana Dancevska, a choreography she made for Skopje Dance Theatre. She rehearsed an adapted version of it with us here in Rotterdam – and that version premiered at Dance Fest. She had personally picked the five dancers, and I was one of them. Since January, we, the current third-year students, are touring the Netherlands with the production Talent On The Move. I’m absolutely loving it! To be on the stage is what it’s all about for a dancer. We gain a lot of experience this way. They let me rehearse almost all the pieces in the programme. I’m proud of that. A preference? I really like Marco Goecke’s piece. I love his special motion language – I like it anyway if an artist has a recognisable style. And the piece by Hofesh Shechter is a joy to dance.”

At what age did you start dancing?
“When I was 10. Hip hop. I did that until I was 14. After that I took a few classes in classical and jazz. Really only a few. Between the age of 14 and 18, I was at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers. I trained a lot by myself during that time. Then I auditioned at Codarts and was accepted, because of my personality and the promise of my talent. Technically speaking, I had to start at point A again and that was pretty hard, actually. But I am ambitious and I worked really hard at it. Especially in the second year I kept seeing progress and that motivated me.”

What made you choose Codarts?
“When I heard from other  dancers that they were going to audition in London, I did the same. I was admitted to two dance academies. However, London is so terribly expensive … On my search for dance education, I naturally ended up at Codarts – a big name. I visited one of the Open days here. My first impression then? I was a little scared, haha. Everything was so big and so impressive … I was only 17 … I grew up in a small place in the woods. Codarts now feels like home to me. And the training is great. Here, you discover all aspects of dance, all techniques. And the attention to the physical aspects of moving I like a lot.”

What is your favourite spot in Rotterdam?
“That’s hard to say… I don’t really like big cities, although at first I thought I had to choose London. I now realise that the city is less important than the school. My favourite spot… I would say the Kralingse Bos with the Kralingse Plas.”

Codarts to me is…
“… an inspiring place where I want to learn as much as I can. And a place where I will transform myself and go on from here.”

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