Talent On The Move: students tell about it

21-year old Luca Cappai is from the island of Sardinia, while Siva Canbazoğlu, who is one year younger, comes from Istanbul. Both of them have come to study Dance at Codarts Rotterdam – a study programme that is regarded as leading in Europe – after taking part in the international auditions. Siva has only been a professional dancer since a few years. Before, she studied piano at the conservatoire, taking dance lessons on the side. The fact that she was admitted testifies to her talent. And to her luck, as she is quick to state herself. Luca has been dancing for longer. As a boy, he used to dance with his own shadow on the grass of the rugby pitch and the coach suggested to Luca’s mother that perhaps ballet would suit him. His tip was right on target.


So Many Opportunities
They are both grateful for the opportunity to study here and to grow in what they really want to be doing. Siva explains that in Istanbul there is not much going on in the field of dance. She could watch videos on YouTube, but attending a performance was not an option. Luca too admits that life on Sardinia is rather isolated and that there are few opportunities to see a dance performance. Although they both can long for their home ground sometimes, if only to be able to speak their native language again, they are happy to be dancing in Rotterdam. ‘At Codarts we get so many opportunities and the repertoire is so extensive; it sometimes feels unreal.’

A New Reality
They feel privileged to be part of this international group of 28 third-year students. Luca: ‘That we are from so many different countries is beautiful and inspiring.’ To which Siva adds: ‘We all have completely different realities and this too is a reality that is new to us. In a sense, we are experiencing a new space together. It is a new reality within another reality.’ They both laugh: ‘That’s rather deep.’

In their classes at school they are used to performing pieces by always different choreographers. To them it is interesting to see how they adapt to these various personalities. ‘With some it is very easy to make contact, with others less so. During rehearsals you get to know his or her world and how they see the world. This creates a connection between yourself, the choreographer, and the other dancers. Even if it is only for a few times. It’s like a triangle.’

‘Being part of the cast is an experience in itself’

Working with Big Names
Last year, they started creating pieces for the tour and as we speak, they are busy rehearsing. The choreographers come by, one by one: Cayetano Soto, Ed Wubbe, Ihsan Rustem, Hofesh Shechter, Marco Goecke, Stephen Shropshire. ‘Big names’, Luca and Siva beam. ‘And new choreographers as well, such as Šimon Kubáň, who is still quite young.’ There is no great difference in working with a renowned choreographer or with someone less known, according to Siva. ‘It’s all about the energy we share, with the motion, with each other, with space. There is no hierarchy. We establish very human connections: they wish to know us because we are the next generation. It is a very nice exchange.’

A Balanced Schedule
The first years of the Bachelor study programme Dance are mainly about learning techniques and getting to know yourself as a dancer. The third year is more outwards-oriented, focusing on discovering yourself in the landscape of dance. This tour is a major part of that. Siva: ‘The tour is part of school, so they adjust the study schedule for us.’ Luca: ‘During those months there are no theory lessons, such as anatomy, and no classes in modern dance. We do only ballet, to keep our bodies strong and fit.’

Sharing what We Love
‘Being part of the cast is an experience in itself’, says Luca, to which Siva adds: ‘Although performing a lot requires an extra effort, it is part of the learning process. If you want to be a dancer then this is your life. Anyway, to us it is all fun now.’ After a period of intense rehearsals, they are now greatly enjoying the actual performances. Luca: ‘Dancing together on stage, seeing each other on stage is magical. We are dancing for ourselves and for the audience. We are sharing what we love in a magic space, a magic bubble of energy.’

Talent On The Move
23 January – 17 May 2019
Theatres in the Netherlands