Meet our students: Johannes

Meet_out_students_Circus_Arts_JohannesWho? Johannes Böhringer (26)
From? Grafing (a suburb of Munich), Germany
Studies? Circus Arts (Chinese Pole)
Year? Four
What? Performed at circus festival CIRCA in Auch (France), together with five fellow students 25 Oktober 2018.

What is CIRCA?
“CIRCA is an important ten-day international festival for contemporary circus and it takes place every year in October. One of the programme elements is CIRCLE: students from six countries from nine circus schools that are members of FEDEC—the European Federation of professional circus schools—all give a short presentation. The six of us—three partner acrobats, one trapeze artist, and two Chinese pole artists—presented part of the group show that we will be performing three times, together with the other fourth-year students, at Maaspodium in February. Together with a fellow student I did a kind of duet on the Chinese pole. Normally I work solo, and there is a lot of material for a solo artist. Not for a duo, though, so we created much of it ourselves, which was great fun!

Why I chose the Chinese pole? At the youth circus in Grafing I did all sorts of things, including partnering, but the partner I worked with then didn’t want to pursue it any further. That’s when I chose Chinese pole. It has many possibilities – you can work all the way at the top, but also on the floor. I like that freedom. One problem is that it’s not easy to take the pole with me everywhere (it’s 6 m long) and that it needs to be anchored. At the festival in Auch we’ used a pole of one of the other participating schools.”

Besides performing there, what else did you do at CIRCA?
“Attend the presentations by the other schools and see as many shows as I can by the 15 to 20 professional companies that are here. And meet people, of course. I have been to quite a number of festivals but I’ve never performed at one. It’s super cool that this happened now.”

What was it that brought you to Codarts?
“I know Codarts via a friend of mine. After secondary school I wanted to do something that was completely different from studying for a while. So I worked for a year with mentally handicapped people, as an assistant in a school. After that I began a study to become a sports and mathematics teacher. I quit after three years and auditioned here and in Tilburg. I’m very happy that I’m in Rotterdam now. The atmosphere here at school is super. It feels like family, very open, no competition. We all have something in common – our love of circus, but we also all have something unique. I find that super interesting.”

What is your favourite spot in Rotterdam?
“Near the former quarantine facilities by the river there is a little sandy beach. Hardly anyone ever goes there and it is usually very, very quiet. It’s a nice place to be alone for a little while. Swimming? No, ha ha. No swimming allowed there either.”

Codarts to me is…
“Good question… I’ve never really thought about it. Codarts to me is… The first major change in my life: being away from home, going abroad, doing a circus training instead of studying to become a teacher.”