Meet our students: Joey de Boer

Codarts_Rotterdam Ontmoet onze studenten Joey_de_BoerWho? Joey de Boer (22)
From? Dordrecht, the Netherlands
Studies? Drums (Pop)
Year? Four
What? Has been touring North-America and Canada with Delain in April/May and will go to South America with this symphonic metal band this fall.

You’re not even 23 and already touring with a famous band like Delain…
“I know, it’s bizarre. I got a call and soon after that I was playing in New York before an audience of 2000 people. Supercool. Yeah, I was asked to audition. Merel Bechtold had recommended me— she’s one of the guitar players in Delain and I play with her in the death metal band Purest of Pain. I guess that just about every metal drummer in the Netherlands auditioned. With me they have chosen someone young; the other band members are all in their 20s or 30s.”

It is a dream come true?
“It sure is. Symphonic metal is really my thing, and it is my dream to play all over the world. The North American and Canadian tour included 23 shows, in New York and also in Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, Toronto and Montréal. And I haven’t even played all the big venues in the Netherlands yet… It’s quite unreal, it’s like being in a movie. First you are a fan and next thing you know you are having a meet-and-greet with your fans… And I’m just a kid from Dordrecht who plays the drums and really loves metal. After our gig in Phoenix the bass player with Megadeth came up to us—David Ellefson, who is a living legend. He asked us for a photograph with him for his Facebook page! This is how fast things can go! I’m a fan of Kai Hahto, the drummer with Nightwish, which is one of biggest band in the world when it comes to symphonic heavy-metal. We’ll be doing a seven-stadium tour in South America with those guys in September! I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it…”

And meanwhile?
“More exciting things are happening with Delain! And I’m hoping to conclude my studies by the end of August. I still have to do a lot of work for that, but it will happen. Fortunately, Codarts has given me the space to combine school and Delain. Yes, I’ve learned a lot here— and at the same time I know that I still have a lot to learn. Hans Eijkenaar and Martijn Vink, my main subject teachers, have really been on my ass for four years. Thanks to the tools they have given me I’ve been able to realise what I’m doing now. And my father, who is a drummer and a teacher too, of course also contributed a lot. In the end you have to do it all yourself, but they are the people who pointed me in the right direction. I will be grateful to them for the rest of my life.”

What is your favourite spot in Rotterdam?
“I’d say the Nieuwe Binnenweg, with Rotown, where most the band exams of the Pop Department are held, with all the nice bars.”

Codarts to me is…
“… home. Codarts really feels like a family, thanks to both the students and the teachers. I’m sure this is because we are all musicians. We bond sooner emotionally, I guess. I think it’s just great that a school can accomplish that.”

Codarts_Rotterdam Ontmoet onze studenten Joey_de_Boer