Meet our students: Nelleke Kuipers

Ontmoet onze studenten Nelleke_KuipersWho? Nelleke Kuipers (22)
From? Almelo, the Netherlands
Studies? Music Theatre
Year? Fourth
What? Sings and acts in the production Show & Tell on 27 and 28 June

Show & Tell… Do tell!
Show & Tell is, above all, music theatre. Up until this year, the production was called Showcase. Various acts and a large number of versatile performances all edited together – they are all connected. It’s great to see how we pulled this off together – first- and fourth-year students plus our teachers. I took part in the three previous editions as well, but this year the performance is part of my graduation.”

What can we expect to see and hear from you?
“I’m in quite a few acts. First in the section called Hadestown: The Myth. The Musical. It is an adaptation of the album of the same name by the American singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell. As on the album, the musical recounts the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice: he travels to the underworld to save her, his wife. I love this material, so I proposed to include it in the show. It’s really cool that it is now actually in it! Among other things I do a song as Persephone. In addition, I sing in a quintet from the opera Carmen — a real classical piece for three girls and two boys — and I am in a number of ensembles. Finally, I’m in a piece by my classmate and friend Job Greuter: We are making art. A lot of the material was written by the students themselves.”

Also by you?
“No, there’s no original work from me in this production. I am writing songs, though, for my own concert in September at the Fenix Music Factory. For this I’m collaborating with classmate Amanda Payne and with Bart Wolvekamp, the musical leader of Show & Tell. He will also accompany me on stage. It is a mix of jazz, pop and music theatre and I am really curious how these three will combine… With this concert I want to present myself as a singer. I’ve been able to work on that for four years here at Codarts and that’s something I will benefit from all my life. I’ve become much more versatile as a performer and I take that with me each time I go on stage. My role models? Randy Newman, Sting (especially Sting!), Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Nina Simone. But for now I am going to fully concentrate on Show & Tell!”

What is your favourite spot in Rotterdam?
“That’s a tough one… I moved to Rotterdam when I started studying here – I come from a village near Almelo. For my internship I’ve been living in Amsterdam for most of this school year. But… I think the Eendrachtsplein. Yes! Our class hung out there a lot. Because of the ambience. And from there is not far to the Nieuwe Binnenweg and Witte de Withstraat.“

Codarts to me is…
“… growing, becoming an adult. Codarts has been my anchor for the past four years. I will always remember the constant buzz and hum. At Codarts there is always something happening.”

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