Meet our students: Lidewij Bouter

Ontmoet onze studenten - Docent Dans - LidewijWho? Lidewij Bouter (21)
From? Lekkerkerk, the Netherlands
Studies?Dance in Education
Year? Four
What? At 4 June, she and her fellow students will perform the production Rūpa – The Shape of Nature, to conclude their study programme.

Rūpa – The Shape of Nature… Do tell!
“Making a production is part of the study programme Dance in Education’s curriculum. We have to organise almost everything ourselves, from the poster to ticket sales. To make sure that everything goes well, we divided our class of 17 students into teams: the artistic team, the production team, the business team, and the PR team, of which I am a member. The artistic team came up with the concept and presented it to the rest of the group. Rüpa is a term from Buddhism and represents the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Our class is quite varied and everyone was okay with this rather broad theme. Also, Rūpa is a good title – short, but powerful.”

You are also dancing yourselves, aren’t you?
“Of course! The second part of the show consists of original work, dance pieces made by all years of the study programme. This is where Rüpa really comes into its own. The artistic team has edited everything nicely together. For the third part, Codarts hired three choreographers who each made one piece: for the first- and second-year students – who also participate – and for us. We had the honour of working with Samir Calixto. The performance also includes two choreographies made by fellow students for amateur dancers, and a documentary – to show the audience how versatile our study programme is. That film was the result of a graduation thesis by another classmate. My own thesis? That is about dance classes for older people; I have developed a number of tutorials for those.”

This performance concludes your training. Now what?
“Go out into the world, ha ha! Well, teaching, and dancing myself, that’s for sure. It’s what I’ve already been doing and what I want to go on doing in any case. In addition, I will explore both here and abroad what it is exactly that I want to do. The curriculum of the study programme Dance in Education has five pillars: teacher, dancer, maker, entrepreneur, and researcher – I have so many options!”

What is your favourite spot in Rotterdam?
“I love to use the public transport system here – tram, metro, bus. There’s so much to see here: history, cultures, art, people. I find inspiration on every street corner. That’s what makes Rotterdam such a nice place, I think. So, my answer is: on the go in Rotterdam. Or else a bench on Parkkade with a view of the river.”

Codarts to me is …
“… the place that formed me as an artist. I’ve been coming to this building for 12 years now. For junior class, A-class, Havo/vwo for Music and Dance and, finally, the study programme Dance in Education. This is where I became a professional, someone who can join discussions on all aspects of dance. I came here as a child, I leave as an adult. You could also say: Codarts to me is the starting point for an adventure that is now about to begin.”

Docent Dans - rupa-shape-of-nature