Q&A coronavirus

The Codarts is monitoring the situation surrounding the coronavirus closely and will update this page if there are new developments to report. On 27 February 2020, the first patient was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in the Netherlands. Since then, more patients have been confirmed with the coronavirus (COVID-19). The novel coronavirus had emerged earlier in several European countries and globally.

Latest update: 12-03-2020

New measures by the Dutch government

The Dutch government has issued a number of new measures for schools and universities:

  • Remain at home if you have symptoms of the common cold or a temperature up to 38C 
  • Cancel all events and gatherings of more than 100 people
  • Work from home as much as possible, or spread working hours
  • Refrain from visiting susceptible people such as the elderly
  • Specifically for university and colleges: lectures with more than 100 participants should be offered online

Codarts auditions
Codarts follows the recommendations of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). According to the guidance of the RIVM, the auditions can take place though for candidates from a ‘risk area’ (view list) it is currently not possible or difficult to travel to the Netherlands and back to their home country. Please contact our Administrative Service Centre as soon as possible via asc@codarts.nl. If possible, we will offer a suitable solution. We strongly advise you to check the current travel advice in your home country and make sure to check your travel insurance. 

The Codarts policy for travelling is based on the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Travel recommendations for specific destinations can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Dutch): https://www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl/landen. If a code red (do not travel) or orange (only travel if necessary) has been issued for a region and the Ministry advises against travelling there, your journey cannot go ahead.

The most important measures people can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are straightforward. These measures apply to all viruses that can cause flu and colds. It is always important to follow up these basic hygiene measures:
– wash your hands with soap regularly
– cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow
– use paper handkerchiefs (and throw it away immediately)
NEW measure: do not shake hands

Province Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands)
The RIVM asks people living in Noord-Brabant with a cold, who have a cough or a fever, to avoid their social contacts as much as possible. For example, work at home, do not visit others or go to places where many people gather. If you have complaints and still want to leave the house, try to keep as much distance from others as possible. This reduces the chance of you spreading the virus unnoticed. Only call your GP if your symptoms get worse. For students and employees: please read the protocol on the intranet.

Q&A (update 10-03-2020)