Auditions Bachelor Dance Zagreb, Croatia

Auditions for the Bachelor Dance of Codarts take place in Rotterdam and through-out Europe. Read here more about the audition procedure for the Bachelor Dance that takes place in Zagreb, Croatia.
There is the possibility to do workshops before the auditions with staff and guest teachers from Codarts. These workshops do not determine the outcome of the audition, but are a good introduction to (the audition for) Codarts.

Workshops: Saturday 10 March 2018
Auditions: Sunday 11 March 2018

Apply for workshops and/or auditions in Zagreb by sending an email to

Aleida Viduka
Škola za balet i ritmiku
Zagorska 16, 10000 Zagreb
Tel: 00385 98 214 085

For the workshops and the audition costs are involved:
Audition and Workshop: € 75,-.
Workshop only: € 50,-.
Audition only: € 50,-.

Download here the programme for the workshops and auditions (PDF).

Audition procedure
The audition consists of a ballet class and a separate modern/contemporary dance class, which will also includes improvisation. After the evaluation meeting of the audition panel, the selected candidates will be invited on the same day to the final selection and the presentation of a solo, maximum 2 minutes and preferably self-created. After the panel’s evaluation meeting, all candidates will be informed about the results of the panel’s judgement. The selected candidates will have individuals talks with the audition team. During these talks information about the content of the education will be given and any questions from the candidates will be answered. Only after completing the full round of Codarts’ auditions in Europe, will the final placement of the selected candidates be announced by email. Upon receiving this email the procedure to inscribe will start for candidates with a place in the programme. For candidates with a place on the waiting list, there will be regular contact with the dance department’s coordinating team about the progress of their placement.

Audition criteria
In the audition a panel of teachers and specialists from the field of dance, under the chairmanship of the head of the programme, judge the suitability of the candidates by the following criteria:

  • technical dance skills;
  • physical suitability and possibilities;
  • physical intelligence;
  • musicality;
  • artistic talents and originality in creating movement material;
  • individuality in movement and stage presentation;
  • sensitivity and openness;
  • application of corrections,
  • stamina and perseverance.

Health examination
Candidates with a definite place in the program will have to take part in the medical examinations held at the beginning of the study year in September. The medical examinations will not influence the outcome of the candidates placement in the programme.

The examination consists of:

  • physical test;
  • a general medical examination.

The cost of medical examination: around € 185.

Practical Information

  • Officially admission to the course is not related to age, but given the intensive physical training during the four-year programme, we advise: on 1 September 2018 girls are not older than 20 years old if auditioning for the 1st year and not older than 22 years old if auditioning for the 2nd and 3rd year. The age of the boys will be regarded in relation to their previous training, but should be 25 years old at the most.
  • Clothing advice: tight-fitting clothing in which the candidates physical possibilities are well visible, warming up clothes, ballet shoes and socks. Be aware that for the modern class you may be asked to dance barefoot.