Codarts teachers to Ljubljana for an instructive exchange

Last month, three teachers of the Codarts bachelor programme of Dance in Education went to Ljubljana (Slovenia) for an instructive exchange with the Nomad Dance Academy. During this exchange, which took place in the context of ‘Dance On, Pass On, Dream On’ (DoPoDo), teachers discussed and experimented with team-teaching/ ​co-teaching.

While Nomad Dance already practices co-teaching for several years, this way of teaching is ​just starting to develop at Codarts. This exchange was all about sharing experiences, formats and methods with the aim of thinking about how the benefits of co-teaching can be usefully transfered  to students and other teachers. Aspects that came up were: the use of teaching scores, the decentering/decomposing of class structures and how to guide the interaction between open experiential play and more directed learning

“Since my favorite learning strategy is “collaborative learning’ I am inspired by the exchange. Learning different approaches and meeting my collegues as dancers was new and will help develop my own co-teaching skills” – Arienne Zwijnenburg, coordinator and teacher BA Dance in Education.

A total of four exchanges will be organised around the theme co-teaching. The team of teachers involved is looking especially for the added value co-teaching has to offer while combining theory and didactics belonging to different dance styles and techniques. 

DANCE ON, PASS ON, DREAM ON is a four-year Creative Europe-funded cooperation project addressing ageism in the dance sector and in society. 11 renowned European dance institutions – a.o. Codarts Rotterdam – are working towards a Europe where older dancers are valued for their experience and charisma, where our common European dance heritage is cherished and serves to inspire younger artists, and where older people are respected and engage in meaningful, creative activities.