Twee maal een Hartman Award

Francis Ng (master zang) en Agata Posnik (master cello) hebben op vrijdag 10 juli een Hartman Award 2020 van de Stichting Hartman Fonds in ontvangst mogen nemen. De prijzen, elk € 1.000 groot, werden online overhandigd door Marc Hartman, zoon van oprichter en naamgever van de stichting, Wim Hartman.

Het juryrapport:

Francis Ng
Listening to tenor Francis Ng everyone will be immediately overwhelmed by his versatile voice, refined legato and impressive musical personality. Francis reached a high level of excellence in every vocal and musical aspect. Being always prepared and motivated makes him a great joy for all the teachers to work with. As a singer and artist, after two years of master studies, he is now fully equipped to take the next steps as a young professional.
In his artistic research trajectory Francis wanted to fully benefit from all the possibilities present at Codarts and to build a relevant network for his future as an artist. As a researcher Francis was actively developing new ways to perform the well known bel canto repertoire, which has a very long tradition. By doing this research Francis not only became the expert in the field of making free embellishments, but he also implemented his research results in his performances in a very creative and personal way. As an upcoming tenor in this way he adds something unique and personal to the tradition of bel canto singing. When being asked how he would describe his motivation to sing, Francis responded: “I find ultimate joy in singing because music connects humans and transcends individuality into community.” Francis graduated cum laude and is considered an exemplary candidate to receive the Hartman award 2020.

Agata Pośnik
Agata has a combination of distinctive characteristics which we do not see often combined within one person: an open and inquisitive attitude, highly skilled as a musician, being virtuoso, passionate, hard-working, disciplined and with a strong focus. For all the teachers at Codarts it is clear that Agata was looking for gold and managed to create an abundance of it. Also her Erasmus exchange of half a year was successful. Agata received great compliments and high grades in the conservatoire of Prague. Her research at Codarts on the third cello suite of Bach led to a special result: a highly original and solid research report combined with a breath taking performance on the highest level. For young cellists an important part of the working field is the symphony orchestra. This year Agata was selected to become the principal cellist of the Dutch National Youth Orchestra, which in the end sadly did not play due to the corona crisis. At Codarts we are convinced that Agata, with so much talent, craftsmanship and inspiration will definitely have and create a broad variety of possibilities within the working field: as a performer, as a researcher and also as a teacher. She now can stop being a student and start being an artist. We congratulate Agata receiving the Hartman award 2020.

De primaire doelstelling van de Stichting Hartman Fonds is het stimuleren van klassieke muziek door middel van het jaarlijks uitreiken van een award aan één of meer ‘met distinctie afgestudeerden’ van Codarts. Aan een award is een geldbedrag verbonden van minimaal € 1.000.

Oprichter/naamgever van de Stichting Hartman Fonds, Wim Hartman (1929), is informatiekundige en organisatieadviseur en emeritus hoogleraar Informatiemanagement aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Hij is nu als erelid verbonden aan de stichting.

In 2019 werd een Hartman Award uitgereikt aan Jason Thornton (compositie), Jorge Sanz Pineda (slagwerk) en Nathalie Theiller (fluit), in 2018 aan Adam Hakooz (compositie), Irene Comesaña Aguilar (piano) en Karen Su (viool), in 2017 aan Marko Jugovic (percussie), in 2016 aan Adriaan Hoek (orgel) en in 2015 aan Ineke Hellingman (piano) en Jan Kuhr (compositie).