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Would you like to play the leading part in a musical, or rather be an original, creative performer in a music theatre production? Or both? At Codarts Music Theatre you can!

We offer a study programme in which singing, theatre and music are inextricably linked. As only school in the Netherlands the integration of the three is our main subject! Where you have to be your own smart self. Where you are in close contact with teachers and fellow students. Where you are trained to become an independent professional in a way that leaves room for your personal talent on your path to the professional field.

After the second year you specialise in either Musical Theatre or Music Theatre.

In both departments you graduate with a solo concert, a paper, a group performance and the Showcase: all demonstrations of your unique talents, which together make up the portfolio of your possibilities.

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Year 1

The first year (propaedeutic) is a broad introductory year. You learn about various aspects that are important to your future profession. These include:

  • Lessons in singing, acting and dancing.
  • Musical interpretation and intergration.
  • You study music theory, solfège, harmony at the piano, musical and theatre history, entrepreneurship and much more.
  • You work at various styles in music, dance and acting.
  • You are not only judged by the results but also by your process and development.

Year 2

The second year has an exploratory nature. Important elements are:

  • An exploration of the specialisations Musical Theatre and Music Theatre. At the end of the year you make a choice. A combination of both is also possible, depending on your wishes and the advice of the educational team.
  • The Character Research: in this module you learn how to shape a musical character by using your voice and physique. You integrate musicality, voice, interpretation and presentation to create a credible character.
  • ‘Kul tot Cult’: a representation created of several studies: text to theater, musical styles, ensemble pieces, physical theater and making acts. How do the disciplines influence each other and what’s the added value of this integration?


Musical Theatre
You are trained to become a musical performer in a broad theatrical circuit: from member of an ensemble to leading character, from big to small musical productions, both here and abroad. Codarts alumni have played parts and leading characters in productions such as Miss Saigon, Tanz der Vampire, Mamma Mia, Sky and Hair.

Music Theatre
You are trained to become a performing ‘singer-Plus’. You find your way in music and music theatre productions or create your own work. You maintain a dialogue with composers, theatre makers and musicians. Codarts alumni have performed in productions of Kwatta Theater, Theater Terra, Ro Theater, Club Gewalt or Hemels Vallen, Pips Lab.


Year 3

In the third year you concentrate on your specialisation (Musical Theatre of Music Theatre). Your independence as a performer becomes more important.

  • You do a solo presentation in what is called an Integration Concert. This combines the elements of singing, acting and dancing. Not separate, but integrated.
  • You take part in a group production that suits your specialisation.
  • You take part in the Showcase. This is a full evening’s music theatre and musical performance in which you sing, dance and act before a full house.
  • This year you will collaborate with music theatre makers/coaches from outside Codarts for the first time.

Year 4

By graduating you demonstrate that you are a complete vocal performer. You are capable of integrating singing, dancing and acting in your performances at a high level.

  • You present yourself as an artist in a so-called Theatrical Concert. You decide the content of this concept, together with a coach of your choice.
  • You take part in a group production that suits your specialisation.
  • You take part in the Showcase (see Year 3).
  • You do a graduation research. The subject is up to you.
  • You can do an internship, for example at Theater Terra, Stage Entertainment, Ro Theater, Homemade Productions and Veenfabriek.
  • In the classes you take the elements of singing, acting and dance/motion/physique are combined.
  • We only judge the results.


Many Codarts alumni are famous actors or musical artists now:

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To be admitted at the Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre) at Codarts a specific entrance audition must be passed. Each area of study has its own admission procedure with accompanying selection criteria and supplementary requirements.

To enroll at Codarts you should be in possession of a havo diploma, mbo bve-level 4 or a (foreign) certificate of equivalent value, in which the subject packet or the profile is of secondary importance. In special cases the above diploma demands can be set aside. The student-to-be then has the possibility to take a test at a careers advisory bureau, the AOB test, to check if there is sufficient general development to be able to follow the study. The fees for this test are charged to the student-to-be.

Practical info


Under “more information” we give you all the important information you might need to know for your study at Codarts. Information on the tuition fee, useful websites that can help with finding suitable accommodation, how to study at Codarts with a disability, and we give tips for applying for a scholarship. We will help you to find your way at Codarts.


Our teachers will be more than just your teacher. They will be your coach and mentor during your study. Our teachers have won their spurs in professional practice and bring their knowledge to the classroom. They will inspire and stimulate you to fully deploy and use your talents. You will find yourself transferring their influences to your projects and performances.

Meet them all

Student Life is a high quality student support programme, that enables you to realise your full potential and have a successful and joyful study career. Student Life offers information, education, guidance and care in areas relating to performance enhancement, personal development, injury prevention and general well-being.

We offer services ranging from housing assistance, insurance guidance, medical screenings as well as nutritional and psychological counselling. Our team consists of: a Performing Arts Health Centre team (PAHC), study coaches, a student counsellor and an international office. We work in close collaboration with colleagues such as embedded scientists, teachers and the artistic staff, who are familiar with the high standards of the profession. As we are committed to support the individual learning needs of all students, we recognise the diversity of disciplines within performing arts and within different cultural backgrounds.

Our Student Life programme is built on four interconnected pillars: screening, education, support services & facilities, and research & development


Many famous musicians, dancers and circus artists have studied at Codarts Rotterdam. This page contains a selection of the music theatre alumni.

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