Lessons by a music student

Wanna have musiclessons by a professional musician to be? Codarts gives you that possibilty! No matter whether you have a lot of experience or no experience at all our talented students can give you musiclessons for a good price!

Violin, trombone, Latin guitar or Turkish singing…Our talented students can teach basically everything. For 100 euro’s in total you will receive fifteen lessons. The lessons will take place at the Codarts buildings and are offered weekly on a fixed day and time.

The lessons will be starting late September/ early October during the next academic year (2016-2017).

For the academic year 2016-2017 the following lessons will be offered:

Classical music: Violin/Double bass/Horn/Composition/Percussion/Trumpet/Organ/Flute/Tuba/Hobo

Jazz/Light music: Trumpet/Double bass/Drums/Vocals/Bass guitar/Composition

Music Theatre: singing

World music: Latin piano/Latin percussion/Latin guitar/Flamenco guitar/Turkish baglama/Turkish percussion/ Turkish piano/Latin singing/Latin bass guitar/Argentinian violin/ ArgentinianĀ guitar

***All lessons are booked!***