When you come to study in the Netherlands, it is important to make sure you are properly insured, for example, for the cost of health care. It is also highly advisable to take out liability insurance. Please note: whichever type of insurance you have, make sure that the insurance documents are written in one of the more common European languages.

Health Insurance
To make sure you are properly insured for the cost of medical treatment, there are three health care insurance options:

  1. Find out if your insurance policy in your home country covers your stay in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has agreements regarding health insurance with a number of countries, including most European countries. If you are insured under the national health insurance scheme of one of these countries, your insurance company can provide you with either an international declaration form or with a European Health Insurance Card. Make sure to bring this with you, as you will need it when you go to see a doctor.
  2. If you are not covered under the public health insurance of the Netherlands or your home country, you will have to get a private health insurance policy. There are special policies available for international students in the Netherlands. Nuffic has checked the policies and conditions of Lippmann and AON and recommends these two companies.
  3. In certain circumstances, for example when you take on a part-time job or when you do a paid work placement, you have to get Dutch public health insurance. You can apply for public health insurance with any Dutch health insurance company. Most schools and employers have a contract with an insurance company that offers a discount. It is worth finding out if you can join these schemes. To find out if the Dutch public health insurance applies to you, download the factsheet ‘Health care insurance for international students in Holland’ on the right. You can also read the article ‘International Students and health care insurance’. It provides some useful information regarding the rules for taking out health insurance. Unfortunately, some students have already encountered problems because they took out the wrong health care insurance, so please make sure you are well informed.

Other insurances
There are several other types of insurance that are useful to have during your stay in the Netherlands. Liability insurance is highly recommended. Insurance companies offer insurance packages that include most of the things described below. Nuffic recommends the packages offered by Lippmann and AON.

  • Liability insurance: if you are to blame for an accident that causes injury to someone or damages another person’s property, you are responsible for paying all the resulting costs. You might, for example, break something when you are working or studying, or cause damage to your rented room. The resulting claim for damages could be very expensive. You are therefore strongly urged to have good liability insurance. You can arrange such an insurance policy either in your own country or through your host institution in the Netherlands.
  • Repatriation: insurance to cover the costs of repatriation is also strongly recommended. This means that if you were to become seriously ill or die, a family member can be flown to the Netherlands to take you back home.
  • Legal advice: this insurance is to cover the costs of legal advice on certain issues. It is important to check what kind of issues the legal advice of your insurance covers.
  • Accidents: accident insurance offers compensation for death or permanent disability due to an accident.
  • Household contents: insurance to cover damage or loss of your possessions. If your possessions get stolen or destroyed through water or fire damage, for example, the insurance will cover the costs. It is important to check the cover provided.
  • Travel: insurance to cover loss of or damage to your belongings as well as your health care when you are travelling.