Sweeney Todd. Photo Jan Hordijk.

admission requirements

Deadline for application: 1 April 2014

To be admitted to the Bachelor of Music, study programme Music Theatre at Codarts, you should be in possession of a a vwo diploma, a havo diploma or a mbo diploma (level 4), or a (foreign) certificate of equivalent value; your subjects are of secondary importance.

In special cases the above diploma demands can be set aside. You then have the possibility to take the so called AOB test, to check if there is sufficient general development to be able to follow the study programme. Please note: There is a fee charged for this test.

Please note: the language of instruction is Dutch.

Additionally, you must audition. Here are the audition dates for the academic year 2014-2015:

May 6 and 7: first round (voice and musicality);
May 8: second round (drama, theory and solfège);
May 28: third round (work session drama and voice, dance);
May 30: final round;
June 5: fall-back day final round.

This is what we expect you to do then:

• You are required to sing four music theatre songs in at least two languages, including Dutch:
- 1 legit (light classical, for example classical aria, West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Elisabeth);
- 1 belt song (for example I dreamed a dream, Les Misérables, Why God Why, Miss Saigon);
- 1 vaudeville song;
- 1 up tempo or own choice/preference

• Please bring with you legible sheet music (an accompanist will be present)

• You must be able to recite a one-minute monologue from memory (a half page A4, in Dutch) Here you can download the text (pdf)

• For the dance audition you must wear a suitable dance outfit

• Theory/hearing test:

- adequate command of music notation, i.e. capable of reading/writing in G-clef
- be capable of identifying notated intervals; determine intervals according to a given tone
- knowledge of major and minor scales (tones and key signature)
- be able to recognize notated major, minor, diminished and augmented triads; also being able to construct these chords based on a given tone

Ear and rhythm training:
- an applicant’s musicality will be assessed by
* identifying intervals (which interval is being played?)
* root identification (find the root to match the chord)
* which variation(s) are being played in a scale/chord?
* singing from sheet music a melody on a par with a folk tune/pop song
- being able to reproduce from sheet music a rhythm consisting of (dotted/tied) crochet and quaver notes